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The first tip for the day is quite simple. We’ve all heard of loading screen tip: “in case the sins to 1 of your teammates after a failure, you’re almost certainly going to lose the video game,” no matter what bad these are generally. Even harmless insults can be used as an attack on those who are angry and probably die, and commenting on the mistakes of others players is probably the worst thing you can do if you would like enhance your ranking. People have feelings, and if you hurt those feelings are less likely to have that win.

If someone is verbally insulting you, the greatest thing you can do is keep your mouth shut and not respond to “ragers”. Even though you can not keep your head down, answering verbal abuse boosts the likelihood of future negative comments. Do vent against other players, however, ignore them or mute them, and keep your emotions in check.


Remember, actions speak louder than words, if you make good plays in the game, individuals will probably stop harassing you. Keep morale up, do not “rage”, do not respond to “rage” and ignore the negative comments. It does all this work and increase your odds of winning (and you also do not get banned!).  So what is an elo boost? it’s when someone is getting elo raised in league for them by a professional player that just takes his account to the top of the ladders of the rankings for a payment.

A key term that many League of Legends players are not able to understand is the ability to “last hit”. Most people think that the “last hit” is the ability to kill “creeps” in 1v1 or 2v2 situations getting 75-85 creeps to 10 minutes as a reference point. The thing I define as “last hit” is the capability to keep the score of “creeps” along the video game, not just throughout the line. The one thing you can do is then just get some extra max league of legends (LOL) accounts and start training with other champions without ruining your normal elo or division or whatever you happen to have. Being able to auto-attack the “creeps” when they die is totally good and splendid, but having 80 cs at 10 minutes is useless if you receive 100 cs at 20 minutes.

If you’re in a solo lane, make use of the wraiths (ghosts) if your jungler is busy. In the event that teams are pokeando ARAM another as your style and that can not help greatly, take advantage and kill the enemies associated with nearest jungle. If these low life, consider killing mini golems if your wanting to go back to the shop. You could also try to go for some professional elo boost here: www.lol-boost-elo.com  and just get up there to start playing with the top guys and actually learn something instead of fucking around all the time. All those small things count, and perhaps the smallest advantage of gold can provide a benefit to win the first 10 minutes of the game. Each “creep” who dies at the hands regarding the enemy is a “creep” that you may have taken. There is a finite amount of wide range of minions that “spawn” every 30 seconds, together with gold team is certainly not optimized unless each of these creeps be killed by a champion. Kill every minion the thing is that from the map and direct the path of success go ahead.


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Even die when you look at the line, it’s not the worst that could happen. Then you’re just below a few hundred gold. Only “last HIT”, and remember: If you’re being camped by the enemy jungler, this means two other lines are free to farm without interference from the jungler. Remember, it’s a group game, and you try not to necessarily want to win the line to win the video game. So long as the stress in keep goals and fulfill your role, there is sufficient time to recover from a disadvantage. Please compare this with world of warcraft which is a game that requires lots of things and to make things faster you simply have to accept the fact that you need some extra help which is the case of some Elitist Gaming League of legends Coaching which will make you learn so much quicker and level your professions in the game like no other.


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